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Are you looking for an on-demand nanny or babysitter?

Look no further, Nannies Now is here to help!


Specialising in placing nannies or babysitters within an hour, Nannies Now can provide you with a helping hand for any time.


Using our app you can book a nanny or babysitter for:

  • Some time away during the long weekend or a couple of days
  • When you are headed back to work and need part time or full time childcare
  • When your nanny is on holiday or ill or just to give you time to get a haircut
  • You have unexpected plans and need a sitter immediately
  • Just needing a babysitter 

Spontaneity for parents is no longer a thing of the past, let our heroes (without capes) save the day.


We are here to take away the stress of finding the 'perfect person' by making this a quick, easy and convenient process for you and your family.


Even if you need a babysitter at a critical hour or in short turnaround time for your immediate need, our app will offer you that instant access without compromise on service quality.


 Assisting families in finding temporary or long term baby sitters or nannies, our app will change the way you book your childcare. We understand the importance of choosing someone to help care for your children and that's why we have created an app that allows you to look through our database by filtering the search results, viewing profiles and credentials of carers and looking at reviews made by other parents. We ensure that the carers in our database have qualities that are key to a successful childcare relationship: respect, honesty, reliability and a genuine love for children.


About Us

We know how precious each moment is when kids are growing up, which is why our business moto is to provide quality care even if the booking is for just an hour.







Our app operates 24/7, every day of the year, providing you with an immediate trusted sitter whether you are at work, rest or play.

Nanny service


Nannies Now can support you with your childcare needs, ranging from after school care to an overnight sitter, our app is here to make the booking process easy.



At the end of each booking you can make a payment via credit card.




Rest assured that when you book a Nannies Now babysitter or nanny you will receive the highest quality service. We look forward to helping you today.