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It's certainly no secret Sydney harbours some of the most exquisite international cuisine, therefore we have unequivocally decided it is our obligation as ''last minute baby sitter'' providers and encouragers of date nights to supply you with details on a reputable, quirky Caribbean restaurant located in Surry Hills. Key word here is reputable, so bare with me, as I gauchely attempt to display this restaurant in the sophisticated and captulating manner it so deserves. Entering Queenies, scents of aromatic spices, sizzling jerk chicken combined with a rustic atmopshere and friendly, attentive staff makes it seem as if you're truly in the vibrant streets of Balaclava itself. Perhaps the most moan-inducing, mouth-salivating scent comes from one of their delicacies, Jamaican style corn on the cob. Coated with coco-nut and the faint taste of ginger and cinnamon, it's no wonder this delectable will have you rendering your diet absurd! I mean, corn's a vegetable right? 


Taste rating: Pretty fricking high 

dfcgvhbjwnkdesfdgdkmfv sorry, that was me wiping the saliva off my laptop. Moving on, the funky decor sets an evocative tone, perfect for romantic endearing eye-contact with your significant other, or alternatively awkward gawking with your tinder date, depending on how the date's going of course. Only negative, you may enjoy the electic atmopshere, rhythms of the upbeat and authentic cuisine so much you forget your kids are at home (true story). 

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